At Sink Like A Stone, we believe the wash basin is the centerpiece of a great bathroom. Bland, white porcelain vessel sinks, are frequently over-styled to compensate for the inherent lack of character in the material itself. Bathrooms of great distinction are rarely achieved if they revolve around such an ignoble, pedestrian object that is visually lifeless; they arenot memorable.Our sinks are carved, by hand, by craftsmen in classic or exotic shapes, from materials of the earth– marble, onyx and granitic river rock.

Like forty-pound snowflakes, each sink is different from another. Cream marble can be quietly elegant while rich in color. Rust marble is exurberant, screaming “look at me”, bursting with flowers — the given term for the distinct character elements in marble.

Zebra marble can appear to almost be animated, not unlike looking at the constantly changing lines in the plaster of a clear, agitated pool. The aptly named sunset onyx evokes visions of cloud layers on the horizon with its bold straie. The translucent quality of onyx makes a weighty object like a sink, appear to float.

We don’t just phone our order in and accept what the factory sends. The two-day journey, including the 20-hour flight to Indonesia, is made so that we can see the current offerings in styles, picking the best pieces. Hand-checking each one for proper polish, drainage and chips assures we only bring back the best. Each sink is assigned a serial number, labeled, entered in a database and photographed in the sub-equatorial, tropical heat. This much effort is taken because each sink is individual and it is the only way we know of to ensure that you choose the sink that best matches your sense of style and decor.

Other vendors of stone sinks present in their catalogs or websites, a representational, generic photograph of the basin they want to sell you. We think our sinks are works of art, not a commodity. It may cost you a little more but it helps to reduce the risk of being disappointed. A word of caution, the sinks are photographed in less that ideal conditions at the factory in natural light. That being said, the color in the photos are not going to match the actual sink since the light in your bath is most likely artificial. If you would like a close up look at specific unit, email us the item number and we’ll email a high-resolution image to you.

Explore our secure online store, where you will find two dozen styles of vessel, pedestal and drop-in bathroom sinks.

In marble, we have sinks in many different colors–cream, gray, black, rust, pink-brown (known as jambron in Indonesian), cream batik with caramel-colored flowers and zebra.

We also have sinks in translucent onyx and sunset onyx. Honed Bali green has the color of patinated copper or green tea.

Our natural sinks are made of water-washed, granite river rock.

As one designer put it upon seeing some or our collection, "you've seen the rest, now see the best".

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